Prompt 2

“Your favourite book”

My favourite book of all time has always been Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I read it when I was 13 or so, and while there may have been books that I enjoyed more when I read them, Little Women has stuck with me ever since.

I think part of it is tied to when I read it. At an age where I was starting to define who I would be, the quest that all teenager embarks upon, I found that I could see part of me reflected in each of the very different sisters.

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Prompt 1

“Three objects in your childhood bedroom”

I shared my childhood bedroom with my sister. We were so close in age, we were practically twins, and most of what we had in our room was shared in some way or another.

The one thing I remember the most clearly out of our room was the Milky Way. Mom had painted the stars on our ceiling, with a river of golden pentagrams coursing diagonally across it. If ever I lay awake in thought, I could count the stars to help me fall asleep, never in the same order, always to the same end.

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