Prompt 3

“Describe your mother”

My mother is one of a kind,
and I’ll say she knows her own mind,
if you argue against her,
you won’t get to beat her,
and you might have a sore behind.

My mother has bright blue eyes,
and a laugh that you’d hear from the skies,
her blond hair is as light
as the wind, as the night,
and her mind is ever so wise.

My mother takes care of us all,
from the eldest to the very small,
she loves us, she feeds us,
she hugs us, she’ll squeeze us,
and she refuses to let us fall.

My mother taught me to be me,
yes the me that you all do see,
I am her daughter,
that’s clear as day,
and I wouldn’t replace her,
no how, no way!

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