Prompt 9


“Describe your best friend”

My best friend is honest. She’s a person that doesn’t hesitate to tell me what she thinks about what I’m up to. She’s also honest about who she is, and I’ve been lucky enough to have been entrusted with different pieces and views of her.

She is my literary companion. Not only that; she is also my literary muse. I aspire to be able to read as much as she does. And there are multiple occasions where I have read a book or a poem just to be able to talk to her about it. Ishiguro, Murakami, Neruda, Dumas, are all authors that I have gotten to know a little bit better due to her encouragement. I still have to catch up. I’m way behind on Cortazar, for instance, but I know she’ll never have an issue offering a new literary world for me to discover.

She is a creator. Now, I could have said she was creative – but that really wouldn’t do it justice. Whether it’s with her hands or her mind, she’s usually piecing something together. She creates worlds in her stories. She’s embroidered animals into felt. She’s folded shapes out of paper. She’s printed images onto clothing and bags. She’s designed visuals that capture attention. And she’s created a series of friendships that you know will last a lifetime. I could say she inspires me, and she does, but what would be more accurate is that she draws me into the worlds she creates and makes me want to create right along with her.

She is unforgettable. I find, despite being far from her, that I find ways to replicate her presence in the places I live. Be it with books that we’ve both read, little gifts she’s bestowed upon me, or presenting something in a way that I know she’d appreciate, she influences my surroundings. That may just mean that we’re similar in taste and nature, but I would still argue that she brought those tastes out in me.

Those are just parts of her. Each of those pieces and many more come together to make up my best friend. And I could not have found a better one if I tried.

Te quiero, Emi!


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