Prompt 22

“Describe the most recent moment when you couldn’t think of anything to say. Were you having a hard time making conversation, or were you simply dumbfounded?”

The funny thing about this prompt is that in an almost inception-like manner, this here is the most recent moment when I couldn’t think of anything to say. This prompt has me stumped.

Those who know me know that I’m not the type to draw a blank when it comes to saying something. I like talking to people, and the only real instance where I may draw a blank is in trying to respond to something either ludicrous or insulting, and that’s only because I can’t fathom how the person might have arrived at that statement. Continue reading “Prompt 22”

Prompt 21

Mary and Duncan were the eldest of their generation and, while they were cousins, they spent quite a bit of time together at the big family house on the farm, Maori, when they were children. This was particularly the case during the holidays, when Duncan was back from boarding school in Buenos Aires.

Mary was the only daughter of a widowed mother, Amy, and as such was quite indulged by dedicated motherly affection. However, she seemed to bear this well enough to still be well behaved and diligent in doing her lessons and practicing on the piano in anticipation of the weekly visits from her teacher. Continue reading “Prompt 21”

Prompt 20

“Write a scene in which a woman was fired after only a week on the job. Just a week earlier, the same person who is now firing her was very persuasive in convincing her to take the job”

She couldn’t believe it.

As she picked up the few things she had accumulated on her desk during her first week at the Owl Grove Publishing House, Lena was in a stunned state of shock that she couldn’t shake off.

How could this have happened? She had turned down other offers for this job!

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Prompt 19

“A storm destroys your uncle’s shed and kills his six-year-old son. Describe the colour of the sky right before the storm hit”

When I think about when Danny died, I find myself remembering the sky on that day.

We were driving home before the storm hit. My brother was driving, and a Taylor Swift song was playing on the radio. I can’t remember which one exactly. But I do remember the sky. I was staring out the window at it as the clouds seemed at battle with themselves, each churning and enveloping its opponent.

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Review: Why I chose to re-read Little Women


Since I read Little Women when I was 13 or so, I have regaled it as my favourite book. Even as I matured and read books that captured me more or had a deeper impact on my emotions, I continued to hold fast to the March sisters and the world Alcott had created for them.

More than ten years later, I finally decided to test the story and see how it would fare in my esteem, and I can only say I’m so glad I did.

In re-reading Little Women at a later stage in my life, I found myself drawn to characters in different ways. Elements that I looked over at the time became precious attributes of the March sisters as they transitioned into womanhood; and that transition, while in a time period where being a woman meant something quite different to what I envision for myself, became something I could relate to much more.

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Prompt 18


“Describe an electronic device from the future that you won’t know how to operate”

Ten to twenty years from now, perhaps even sooner, there will be a device dedicated to picking out your clothes for you.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Using Artificial Intelligence, it will require input from you through an app, of course, as to the your outfit selections for a week or two before it starts providing recommendations. The device will also scan through your closets and drawers so as to have a complete database of your garments.

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Prompt 16


“Describe something you wanted badly and, once you got it, never used”

My mom is a wizard in the kitchen. I know a lot of people say that about their mothers, but I truly, truly mean it. Most, if not all, of my favourite meals are things that she whips up when the family is all together either at home or at the cottage. Ever since I’ve had my own kitchen, I’ve aspired to have that same mastery and finesse when it comes to preparing wonderful food.

One of the trusted tools that my mom has in her kitchen arsenal is her impressive, large, white KitchenAid mixer. This stands, like a stoic statue, on the island in our family kitchen, carefully reset after every use. It acts as a centre of gravity for the area of the house that acts as a communal place for food, coffee, and conversation over a glass of wine, depending on the time of day.

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Prompt 15


“Describe yourself in the third person – your physical appearance and personality – as though you were a character in a book.”

As Ali came into a room, it became evident very quickly that she was a whole lot more than her chair. If you looked a little deeper, you could see that it in no way defined her. Rather, she was just a girl in her twenties with long brown hair that she desperately wished was more red than it was, warm eyes of a similar hue, and an inviting smile that made it easy for anyone to approach her.

Ali was someone who found herself drawn to the quiet activities of life. She loved reading, writing, learning languages, knitting or any other yarn-related crafts, colouring, basically anything that let her jump into another world, be it in the pages of a book or within her own mind.

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Prompt 14


“Pick a small object to be given one day to your great-grandchild. Write a letter to that child explaining why you have chosen this object”

To my eldest great-granddaughter,

To you, dear girl, I want to give the little clock on my mantlepiece that you have always admired. I’ve never told you the story behind it, so here it is.

When I was 16 years old, I was visiting my great-grandmother, Gaga, at her home in Hurlingham. Hers was a house full of family memories and while it may have been sold long ago, it is a place I remember fondly.

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Prompt 13


“You have just swallowed your pride and done something you didn’t want to do. Your friend wants to know why. The two of you are driving around an almost-full parking garage looking for a space for the friend’s oversized pickup. Write the scene.”

Lucas kept glancing over at me as he was driving us around in that massive pickup of his father’s, disapproval emanating from him like a dull, repelling heat.

He was right to disapprove, of course he was right. I wasn’t too happy with myself either at this point. If I’m honest, I knew I could have said no. I knew deep down that I didn’t really have to join Casey and Clara in spray-painting Mr. Teeger’s house last night, I had gone against everything I thought I stood for in doing that. But I really, really wanted to fit in.

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Prompt 12


“Tell a complete stranger about a family tradition”

Now, I’m taking the leap of faith of assuming that there are complete strangers out there who do read these posts…I dedicate this prompt to you.

One of our family’s traditions is for our parents to bestow our family signet ring to each child as they ‘come of age’. The ring is usually gold, and is usually worn on the pinky finger. I say usually because when I got mine, I broke both those norms. I requested it be in white gold and wore it on my ring finger. This wasn’t just to be contrary, really, just because knowing my tastes, I knew that this would increase my chances of wearing it.

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