Prompt 15


“Describe yourself in the third person – your physical appearance and personality – as though you were a character in a book.”

As Ali came into a room, it became evident very quickly that she was a whole lot more than her chair. If you looked a little deeper, you could see that it in no way defined her. Rather, she was just a girl in her twenties with long brown hair that she desperately wished was more red than it was, warm eyes of a similar hue, and an inviting smile that made it easy for anyone to approach her.

Ali was someone who found herself drawn to the quiet activities of life. She loved reading, writing, learning languages, knitting or any other yarn-related crafts, colouring, basically anything that let her jump into another world, be it in the pages of a book or within her own mind.

Don’t let these quiet aspects of her nature fool you, though. Ali was also extremely determined (a kinder word than stubborn) when she set her mind to things, and when it came to standing up for her family or friends, she was a fierce defender that did not let much get in her way.

Beneath this determination and its linked independence, however, there was also a shadow of insecurity and vulnerability within her that she didn’t reveal to many. In fact, this usually manifested itself in topsy-turvy ways when she set unreasonable expectations of support on her parents and, when they couldn’t reach them, she’d blame them unfairly only to slowly come to the realization that they wanted nothing but for her to be happy.

Like most people, Ali was much more than the first impression she gave, but she liked to think that the most part, her first impressions were just a glimpse into the person she was.

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