Prompt 17


“Name the trees that stood in the neighbourhood where you grew up”

In a neighbourhood I did not live
t’was in the farm where I did grow
and if in me you dare believe,
you’ll hear me tell this, nice and slow.

On this dear farm, plenty grew:
maize, wheat, and soya too.
But if it’s trees you’ve come to see,
This is what you’d find for thee.

Two big plain trees, with leaves like fans,
some pines to guide the road to home,
trees that bore fruits for making jam,
and eucalypts that everywhere did roam.

Trees in groves, willows by the lake,
evergreens that kept their colour yearly,
walnut trees that gave their namesake,
to our big farm, we love so dearly.

Now you know the trees I grew with,
Go on now, tell me yours.
You need not be a clever wordsmith.
A list will do, hardly a chore!

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