Prompt 18


“Describe an electronic device from the future that you won’t know how to operate”

Ten to twenty years from now, perhaps even sooner, there will be a device dedicated to picking out your clothes for you.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Using Artificial Intelligence, it will require input from you through an app, of course, as to the your outfit selections for a week or two before it starts providing recommendations. The device will also scan through your closets and drawers so as to have a complete database of your garments.

You will also have the option of filling out a profile which includes items such as favourite colour, profession, favourite activities, and anything else that might dictate a person’s wardrobe.

Once it has collected all this information, it will be able to link up with your calendar so as to provide outfits for each activity of the day as required.

Overnight, this device can select your outfit, lay it out for you, and thus save you the time spent choosing in the morning!

The device would also be extremely useful in packing for trips. In this instance, you would input the activities you would be doing, plus the length of the trip, so that the device can pick out your wardrobe and the appropriate suitcase. The gadget would also be able to inform you if you are missing a certain item that would be required for any of your activities.

Imagine how much more efficient you will now be!

*Note: While I would know how to operate this device on a practical level, I think where I would find issue is in relinquishing my sense of choice…

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