Prompt 22

“Describe the most recent moment when you couldn’t think of anything to say. Were you having a hard time making conversation, or were you simply dumbfounded?”

The funny thing about this prompt is that in an almost inception-like manner, this here is the most recent moment when I couldn’t think of anything to say. This prompt has me stumped.

Those who know me know that I’m not the type to draw a blank when it comes to saying something. I like talking to people, and the only real instance where I may draw a blank is in trying to respond to something either ludicrous or insulting, and that’s only because I can’t fathom how the person might have arrived at that statement.

I digress. The primary reason for taking on these prompts as vigorously as I am is that I want to instil a ritual in my morning and that I want to be able to kick-start my writing mind with something unrelated to the larger project. It’s a preemptive way of avoiding writer’s block, I suppose. But, if that’s the case, what happens on the days that I can’t even respond to the prompt?

I guess then I’ll just have to ramble on about how I can’t think of anything to say…I hope not to do that to you too often!


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