Prompt 23

“What could have happened to you in highschool that would have altered the course of your life”

I think about these types of questions often. Mostly to try and determine how different my life might actually be if something had led me in a different direction. But, also, to try and determine what might still be the same.

For instance, if I had gotten into a certain university in the UK for my undergraduate degree, what would be different?

For one, I wouldn’t have met my best friend while sitting in Econ. 100. I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend of six years (gasp!) now. Which ultimately probably means that I wouldn’t have ended up in Vancouver, either! I could have been writing this post from any other place in the world. Or I could be not writing this post at all.

My career path might have been completely different, too. I would have done History at that university, and there’s no knowing where that would have led me. Would I still have done the same Masters program? Would I have still gone into consulting? Would I have stayed in the UK? Would I still make the decision at this point in my life to spend time writing? Or would I hold off until later? Or would I take the plunge straight out of school? There really is no way of knowing.

I think about these types of questions often, but never with longing, never with regret. I’m confident in the fact that the things that have happened and the decisions I’ve made along the way have led me to where I am today. And this place, here, is exactly where I want to be.

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