Prompt 28

“Something you lost”

One day, I did something very stupid. Very very stupid. I was about to travel back to London after a break in Argentina, and I packed some of my jewellery into a box in my suitcase. As you can imagine, and as I should have foreseen, once I arrived in London the box was no longer there.

It was an awful feeling. The two biggest losses from the box were a pair of custom earrings that my parents had given me, and the charm bracelet that my grandmother had given me and which she had built out by bringing me back charms from every place she travelled to.

These losses were particularly woeful because the gifts had come from family.

While I knew I couldn’t get the earrings back, for the bracelet I found one that was similar in style, and started working on recreating the original by listing the charms it had had (an Eiffel tower, the Colosseum, a violin, an ink well) and hunting them down.

This may not hold the same sentimental value as the last one had, but at least now I still get to continue filling the bracelet with different charms as I was hoping to do regardless.

Lesson learned, folks: Always carry your valuables in your hand luggage!


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