Prompt 31

“Write down everything you can remember about your algebra (math) teacher”

In terms of appearance, Mr. B was bald, round, of average height, and he wore glasses with a thick frame. Outside of the classroom, at least, he looked to be quite a jolly guy, as his smile would make him almost childlike in his demeanour.

His general attire tended to include a shirt with a criss-cross pattern, a pair of slacks, and leather loafers shined to perfection. Other than when the school had some sort of outdoorsy event (in rain, snow, or shine, I might add), he rarely varied from this combination.

Mr. B was strict, in the kindest sense of the word. He pushed us to do work and to learn the math because he ultimately believed that we could do it, and he wanted to prove it to us.

He was a no-nonsense type of guy. Didn’t bear any mischief or interruptions lightly, and with a number of teenaged boys in the class, there was plenty of those. What would annoy him the most, however, was if someone was not ready to try, and just went through the class assuming it was useless because he or she would never be able to get it. By that point, he would become brutally honest and make it quite clear what was possible or not if you didn’t do well in his class!


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