Prompt 35

“Five things you wish you’d asked your grandmother”

When my grandmother passed away when I was 17, I was plagued by a persistent feeling that I had been robbed of so many conversations with her. In that sense, this prompt is quite appropriate.

  1. What was it about Baba (my grandfather) that drew you to him? Was it his infectious laugh or his calm demeanour? Or was it something that he grew out of all together by the time I knew him?
  2. What was your favourite place in the world to see? (You see, she and my grandfather travelled all over the place).
  3. Must it really be ‘forks ever, spoons never, or use them both together’? Why?
  4. What was it like being a mother of only boys? And four of them at that?
  5. What do you see as your greatest accomplishment? And your greatest regret?

There is so much I wished we had been able to talk about. Especially now, where I could have spoken to her as a woman, and not just as a granddaughter.

I still have plenty of conversations to remember: some imparting advice, some ridiculous, some banal. Each held in little pockets of my memory.

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