Prompt 38

“The president’s personal to-do list”

I realize that this list would be completely different had I done it three months ago. And while there may be many presidents in the world, I feel drawn to trying to outline what the to-do list of one in particular might look like.

  • Flip coin on whether to shake hand of world leader I speak to today. That’ll keep the pesky press on the edge of their seats.
  • Increase security on NYC Trump Tower. Who cares if we go over Secret Service budget?
  • Choose new spray tan colour. Maybe a shade lighter? Cheeto lite.
  • To build a wall or not to build a wall, that is the question. Flip coin again.
  • Find another controversial executive order to sign.
  • Do eenie-meenie-miney-mo to see which group I can offend today.
  • Post on Twitter accusing Obama of some other crime, but make sure someone else said it first so that I can quote them. Hope this one sticks.
  • Find White House office for Ivanka and create role for her. Fashion Advisor, maybe?


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