Prompt 47

“Five ideas for a novel you’ll never write”

Note: Now that I’ve written these down, I make no promises that I won’t write some of these stories in the future. What may sound random or ridiculous now, could be very appealing in the future.

  1. The story of a button factory. Of the button-making family that built it, and how they manage when the button factory burns to the ground.
  2. The life of a puppy and all his adventures. From his perspective, of course. Interrupted by the constant distractions in a puppy’s life (e.g. Ball! Food! Squirrel!)
  3. The story of a concert pianist travelling from concert hall to concert hall.
  4. The Greek mythological characters come back to ‘life’ in a modern setting.
  5. The story of a guitar that gets passed on from person to person, and what it means to each person / the role that it plays for each of them.


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