Prompt 49

“Come up with every possible way to describe something as ‘red’, without using the word itself”

The notebook was of a warm, vibrant hue. It blushed, somewhere between crimson and maroon, inspiring memories of fresh strawberries, bright peppers, and ruddy tomatoes.

The colour of a rose, perhaps, not quite as deep as an apple, but more akin to the flaming tones hidden within a sunset…sailor’s delight.

It’s complementary companion on the colour wheel would be a forest green. Funny how complementary colours stand in contrast. An oxymoron played across the pigments of the world.

The notebook was the colour of the outermost band of the rainbow. Richard of York riding into battle.

If I had to spell it out, I would have you add up three initials. Rumpelstiltskin plus Edelweiss plus Dumbledore.

See? It’s easy to describe a colour (the one you add to yellow to make orange) without actually using the word.



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