Prompt 50

“You bring someone back from the dead. Who is it?”

I think when we’re asked this question, we’re often expected to choose someone famous or someone who played a big role in bringing good to the world.

Selfishly, I’m quite baffled by that. I don’t think I could ever squander this wish like that.

If I could bring back someone, it would be my grandmother.

My Grandma died when I was in my last year of high school, right in the first week. I was far from home and I was very suddenly plagued by an awful sense that I had left so many things unsaid that I would now not be able to say.

I think I spent that year trying to make up for that. Putting my love for her into poems and an English essay. I tried to make her immortal in words.

we lost her too suddenly, you see. We lost her vibrancy, her flare for colour, her love for art and history and travel. But, most of all, we lost her love for the family.

In a funny, but quite predictable way, Grandma was like the glue that kept everyone connected and informed about one another. In fact, if you let her know of something that had happened, you could be sure that everyone else would know it soon after.

When my dad and his brothers were young, she’d do this by typing up long letters, copying them, and sending a copy to each brother. When my generation came around, she was having long phone calls with each, exchanging news in real time. She also picked up e-mail quite quickly, and with her well-practiced typing fingers, she was fascinated by how instantly her missives would reach their audience.

I still remember the many times, when I was 12 or so, that I would look over her shoulder and provide instruction on what to click or type.

I was thinking about it the other day. She would have turned 78 this year. She’d be almost 80. Something I can’t quite imagine because to me she is ever-brilliant, ever-youthful, forever 69. Even the 70 she was nearing felt like too old a number for her to own.

Anyway. That is the person I would bring back, if only for a little while, to catch her up on what’s been going on since she’s been gone.


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