Prompt 51

“You are the Grim Reaper. Write three different  opening paragraphs for your autobiography, trying out very different styles.”

I regret everything. Every life I’ve ended, every loved one I’ve taken away. There is not one that I do not mourn. No one understands the weight that I have had to carry on my shoulders since the very inception of time. I hope that this tale will shed some light on it and have you rethink how you see me.

Death. An inevitable part of life. The darkness to life’s effervescent light. Death. Me. Death is who I am. I pull people out of life into the other side. Into their final resting place. But, do not fear me. I am but inevitable. I will come eventually. In the meanwhile, as you wait for me, here is my story.

Let me tell you a story. It’s not the average story. In fact, seeing as there is only one of me, it is a very unique story. It’s the tale of how I came to be. This is the tale of how the Grim Reaper appeared in this realm and became responsible for taking the souls that have reached the end of their tether. Care to have a listen?

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