Prompt 57

“Write a life as a series of postcards”

Dear Dad,
Mum told me to write.
Paris is fun. But all the museoums are boaring.
See you soon.
xo Doug

Mum and Dad,
I’m have a great time with Granny in Athens. Hope you enjoy the picture of the goat at the acropolis. Thought Dad would find it amusing.
xo Dougie

Eton is great.
Saw this card in the shop and that you’d prefer it to a boring letter.
xo Dougie

Dear Mum,
Thanks for the care package. Already ate all the toffy.
Picture of the Oxford Library on this one, for your collection.
xo Dougie

Darling Lucy,
Lisbon is beautiful. Wish you were here with me.
Can’t wait to get back to you and the baby.
xo Doug

Lisbon was made all the more wonderful by having shared it with you.
I can still feel you. I ache for you.
See you in Paris.

Dear Lucy,
I hope, in time, you can forgive me…

Dear Mum,
Have addressed this to Heaven, and am hoping you will see it somehow.
A picture of a daisy this time, in your honour.
I love you.
xo Dougie

Dear Maggie,
Good luck on the first day of school. Don’t forget to lock up your tuck box.
New York is a wondrous city. I can’t wait for you to visit.
xo Dad

I miss you, Maggs.
Not doing too well, I’m afraid. Give your dad a call when you can.

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