Prompt 62

“Write ten sayings for fortune cookies”

  1. A friend is one who celebrates your good fortunes as much as he or she supports you in your downfalls.
  2. Seek peace in yourself before you aim to bestow it upon others.
  3. If you are surrounded by a flock of angry pigeons…don’t look up.
  4. Don’t forget to savour the journey on the path to your goal.
  5. If adventure knocks on your door, welcome it with open arms.
  6. Seek not for all-consuming passion, but for blossoming, eternal companionship.
  7. Listen to your dreams, for they are the shadows of your desires.
  8. Do not turn your back on good fortune, or good food.
  9. Trust that your steps will take you to where you need to be.
  10. Don’t listen to everything you find in a fortune cookie.

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