Prompt 68

“Google search your own name. Write about the search result that is closest to your name but isn’t you.”

If I search my name, Alison Cameron, I inevitably stumble on multiple pages dedicated to one of the doctors from the famous show, House M.D. Allison Cameron is one of the first doctors to work with the controversial main character and, once she changesĀ position in the hospital, she plays a smaller, but still influential role, in the show. Granted, her name has two Ls in it instead of one, but Google does not discern this particular difference as it expects that a number of people will mistakenly think her name has one L, having not seen it in writing before.

Even with the show having been done for five years now, she still sits at the top of the Google search pile of Al(l)ison Camerons. I can’t say I am too concerned with being ‘found’ at the moment, so I have no problem with the fictional character retaining her position there. Maybe one day, however, if my writing catches someone’s eye, I’ll at least be second?

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