Travel prompt 2: Berlin

There are a few streets in Berlin, the residential ones, where each building sports a different colour. The buildings have each been designed with very precise and immaculate architecture, drawing your eyes to the details around the windows, doors and roofs, each adorned with white frosting.

I’ve found that walking through some of these residential streets brings a sense of peace and contentment not often found in a city. These streets are quiet, uninterrupted by the movement of crowds that inhabit the more tourist-ridden areas. On my way to meet my friend, I feel contained by the calm, the quiet. The trees are rustled by the breeze, but stand still, protecting my progress with a soft shade that keeps the strong summer rays at bay. The silence is interrupted by the peals of church bells, drawing the few people strolling the streets towards it. A call to gathering. I stop for a moment, absorbing it all, and wait for the bells to cease their calling to continue down my path.

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