Prompt 69

“Write a musical review for the sounds of your life—your personal every day soundtrack.”

Ali’s Day is a soundtrack best reserved for those who live a quiet, mellow existence. If you are someone that needs to be fuelled by copious amounts of upbeat sound, you may want to steer clear.

The album starts off with the sounds of the street climbing in through the window, the pitter patter of a puppy expecting his breakfast, the sound of the shower in the background mixed with the inconsistent beat of coffee boiling. It’s a quietly chaotic melange of sound that kicks off the day.

The second track, Morning Walk, brings us closer to the early morning noises of a medium-sized city. Dogs run towards each other in greeting, their nails scratching on the pavement. Shoes walk determinedly in the direction of their place of work. The listener sits still, absorbing the movement all around.

The tracks in the middle of the album are quite similar in feel. They depict what sounds like a pen running across the page, computer keys clacking, the strum of a guitar at random intervals, and what sounds like the soft chewing of cheese, fruits, and maybe a cracker or two.

The last few tracks are quite distinctive. One, with the sound of sit-com laughter in the background, is the unmistakable sound of something sizzling in a pan. If you listen carefully enough, you might even be able to smell the hint of garlic and rosemary in it.

The next has its tones of drama, but the listener is merely a spectator, and his or her attention is drawn to the sound of hot water being poured on an expectant teabag.

The last track, the quietest of the lot, is nothing but silence accentuated by the soft beat of turning pages and finalized abruptly by a snap resonant of a light switch being turned off.

The soundtrack is quiet, sometimes too much so, but it brings a sense of peace and comfort that might make some people restless, but made this listener feel very much at home.

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