Prompt 72: Ten ways I’m like my Mother

“How you’re just like your mother”

I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I take after my mother. I used to staunchly refuse to acknowledge the fact, but now, as I grow older, I catch myself saying or doing things that are only too resonant of her. Here’s just a few ways in which we are aligned. 

  1. We’re both stubborn…to a fault.
  2. Whenever we’re angry, we both get what my Dad calls ‘small mouth’ (a.k.a pursed lips that look like they’re going to vanish into our faces).
  3. We both like buying pretty things.
  4. We’re both super planners.
  5. We each enjoying making spaces look and feel nice.
  6. We love dogs. To be fair, though, Mom instilled that in all of us.
  7. We enjoy cooking for other people.
  8. We’re pretty opinionated.
  9. We both like visiting new places.
  10. We like to keep abreast of what other people are up to.

I have to admit that the number of similarities is scary to me sometimes. But, if I think about it a little more, when it comes to being a Mom, there is no one else I would aspire to be like.


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