Prompt 73: Here’s to sisters

“Your most treasured photograph”

One of my most treasured photographs sits on my bookcase, surrounded by my other treasured positions: books, books, and (yes, you’ve guessed it), more books. It’s a photo of me and my sister, aged probably five and four, sitting in a field of wheat, wearing matching outfits, and with our arms around each other. We’re both smiling with squinty eyes and looking straight into the camera. 

IT’s a photo that’s special to me because it captures what we were then. When we were little, we were best friends. We spent countless hours running around the garden, creating stories for our Barbies to inhabit, or secluding ourselves in our tree house.

Now, my sister is still more than just my sister. Sure, we don’t see each other all that often (this year will be a record three times!) or speak that often in between, but when we do talk, we can do so for hours. There’s a space of honesty between us that only really exists from having spent your formative years growing up alongside someone else.

Here’s to sisters, photographed and real.

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