Prompt 74: Using the alphabet

“Write a story in which each sentence will begin with a different letter of the alphabet, beginning with the letter A, and moving sequentially”

Audrey Jenkins was her name. But she preferred to go by AJ. Cats were her favourite animal. Dogs scared her.

Every day she would go to school. French was her first class. Grammar was always an issue.

History was next. In that class she excelled. Just as she did in music, too. Kraus was her teacher for that. 

Lessons were not the same that day. Music was disjointed, maths – illogical, and English – unintelligible.

Nothing seemed right. Others did not seem to notice. People walked around in a trance, leaving AJ confused, bewildered.

“Queer things are going on,” she thought.

Right after school, she rushed home, wondering if her parents were also affected. Swiftly, she made it back, and went in to explore.

The house was empty; she was alone.

“Um, Mom? Dad?” she called out.

Vacuous silence was the answer she received.

“Where are they?” AJ wondered out loud.

Xander, her father, and Leslie, her mother, should have been back by now.

“You’ve got to go find them,” she commanded herself.

Zealously, she opened the door, stepped out, and, in a flash of light, disappeared.


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