Prompt 76: What I see outside my window

“Five things you see out the nearest window”

  1. The farthest point positioned outside my window is Mount Baker. It sits beyond a cluster of buildings, on the other (wrong) side of the border. During sunsets, the pink and orange light bounces off it, highlighting the snowy tips that shift in size with the transition of the seasons.
  2. A little closer is Vancouver’s stadium: BC Place. It stands in contrast to the buildings around it; circular, white, with porcupine-like spokes protruding from its centre.
  3. I see windows of neighbours living across the street. They give a glimpse into lives ensconced in small places. Tiny microcosms of the human experience.
  4. I see trees. Luscious green beings that inhabit the city as reminders of what exists beyond its boundaries.
  5. I see city streets, each peppered with cars moving in uniform directions, aimed towards their morning destinations.

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