Prompt 79: Superhero bucket list

“Write a bucket list for your favourite superhero”

First things first. Who is my favourite superhero? I had to sit back and think on this for a second. We are so overexposed to the superhero world lately that I find it hard to pick.

For the sake of this prompt, though, let’s say that Storm, from the X-Men, is my favourite. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to control the weather? Perpetual sunshine? Yes, please!

Plus, I would also enjoy bringing down people I don’t like with a constant raincloud or a small-ish strike of lightning.

Now that we’ve determined who the hero is, here are some of the things that Storm might have on her bucket list.

  • Stop a hurricane in its tracks
  • Dance inside a tornado
  • Strike Donald Trump with lightning
  • Design new types of snowflakes
  • Swim with the dolphins (she’s always wondered what that might be like)
  • Retire to a tropical island
  • Learn to sing (it’s always good to have new skills)
  • Create the perfect storm

Can you think of any others?

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