Prompt 89: A man in red

“What a character wearing something red is thinking”

Lucius was anxious. For the first time in his life he was waiting for a date whom he had met on an online dating site.

It had taken him a while to transition from online interactions to a real date. Unfortunately, he was of a generation where when his name was read, people automatically added a ‘Malfoy’ to the end of it. That didn’t seem to encourage the ladies to want to meet him. And yet, he just couldn’t face transitioning into the more casual, the more common, ‘Luke’. He had tried the short-form on for size once, and he just couldn’t shake off the feeling that by not using his full name he was inviting people to be more more informal with him than he was comfortable with. He just could not have that.

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Prompt 88: My favourite hiding spot

“Your favourite hiding spot”

When we were children, there were many instances during which we could hide. Sometimes it was even encouraged! Be it during a game or to run away from a punishment, there were quite a few times when I ended up behind a tree, under my bed, in a cupboard, or lying down amidst the tall grass.

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Prompt 87: Things I’ve kept

“What you’ve kept”

There’s a box in my living room. It’s in the shape of a large book—so it doesn’t really look like a box. It’s my treasure trove of memories. Inside this box, I’ve got all the letters, birthday missives, photos, and other pieces of paper that I’ve collected over the years from friends, family, and teachers alike.  Continue reading “Prompt 87: Things I’ve kept”

Prompt 86: Screw you (not you)

“Screw you”

There’s a voice in my head that emerges every one to two years. It’s a mean voice, but it’s seductive. It’s a voice that sets out to taint the image I have of myself. It seeks to bring up insecurities, what ifs, and not-so-fond memories attached to a part of me that I did not choose.

We all have a variation of that voice, no? You know the one. It hangs about at the back of your mind, almost invisible. Then, when it senses a vulnerable opportunity, it strikes.

It’s hard not to give in to it. It’s hard to fight back.

I’ve got something to say to that voice.

Screw you.

When you talk about me, whisper things about me in my ear, you don’t see ME. I am so much more.

Screw you.

You don’t define me.

Screw you.

I can live, thrive, love without you.

Screw you.

I can still see and make beautiful things without you. I will always dance, without you.

Screw you. And go back to that dark hole you came from.


Prompt 85: Imaginary friends

“Create an imaginary friend (human or not)”

I have a friend named Puzzles. I’m not quite sure if  Puzzles is a he or a she, but this friend showed up as if from nowhere one day and hasn’t left my side since.

Puzzles is magical, you see, and invisible to everyone except me.  Continue reading “Prompt 85: Imaginary friends”

Prompt 84: Dear Reader

“Write a letter to the reader of a novel you haven’t finished yet”

Dear reader,

First of all, I want to say thank you. In a world where we have thousands (if not millions) of things vying for our attention, I find myself so grateful for the fact that you chose to deliver some of that precious attention to this work in your hands.

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Prompt 83: Making my work monosyllabic

“Rewrite a piece of your own writing in one-syllable words.”

For this exercise, I’m using the text from Prompt 36: “Parades” Check out the link for the original text :) 

Folks march, dazed, all head the same way, and step at the same pace. Continue reading “Prompt 83: Making my work monosyllabic”

Prompt 81: The house is on fire

“What you would run out of the house with if it were on fire”

I think if I had been posed with this dilemma last year, I probably would have said that I would try and grab the things that hold a significant nostalgic element to them: the photo of my grandmother on her wedding day; the necklace my boyfriend gave me; the teddy bear I’ve had since I was five months old.  Continue reading “Prompt 81: The house is on fire”