Prompt 81: The house is on fire

“What you would run out of the house with if it were on fire”

I think if I had been posed with this dilemma last year, I probably would have said that I would try and grab the things that hold a significant nostalgic element to them: the photo of my grandmother on her wedding day; the necklace my boyfriend gave me; the teddy bear I’ve had since I was five months old. 

Now what tops the list is my dog. My adorable half Yorkie-half Maltese puppy that fills my days with ball throwing, cuddles, and seemingly endless minutes where I just watch him sleep.

Of course, I’d grab my teddy-bear, too. I mean, he’s my lifelong companion. But things are things and, for the most part, replaceable. And if they’re not, the memories we hold on to through them still exist in our minds if we choose to seek them out.

Just some food for thought.


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