Prompt 82: My own bucket list

“Write a list of things to do before you die”

A few prompts ago, I got to write out a bucket list for my favourite superhero. Today is my turn!

Now, my list may seem small and not too ambitious, but bear with me anyway!


  1. Set foot on every continent
  2. Read as much as I possibly can – I can’t go without having finally conquered more of the Russian classics. Yes, I mean conquered.
  3. Publish a book
  4. Be a mom and a really cool aunt (with four siblings I should at least be able to accomplish the latter half of that!)
  5. Own and care for more dogs
  6. Learn as much as I possibly can. Languages, concepts, history, etc.
  7. Become much more adept at the guitar. I want to feel like it’s an extension of me, so to speak
  8. Do something to be remembered by
  9. Reach that final day feeling like I have accomplished all I want to

Like I said, nothing too ambitious, but it’s what calls out to me for this life.

What’s on your list?

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