Prompt 83: Making my work monosyllabic

“Rewrite a piece of your own writing in one-syllable words.”

For this exercise, I’m using the text from Prompt 36: “Parades” Check out the link for the original text :) 

Folks march, dazed, all head the same way, and step at the same pace.

Framed by signs and those that mark the path they must go on.

Slow pace, so those that watch can feel the glee or rage of those that walk by.

A chant? Could be. It starts at the front and moves down the line, at times it will pass the frame and be sung by those who watch with a strong gaze, and want to be part of the group in some way.

The shades they wear are picked with care for the day. Each piece, each sign, each note shows key parts of their words. All hues and words fuel the pride in what they stand for. Well, walk for.

Those at the front reach the end of the mapped route. Like a stream let out to the sea, the line breaks and runs off; it sends folks out with no real sense of the end. It leaves them; they think on if they should go home or go back and start where the march first set out.

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