Prompt 84: Dear Reader

“Write a letter to the reader of a novel you haven’t finished yet”

Dear reader,

First of all, I want to say thank you. In a world where we have thousands (if not millions) of things vying for our attention, I find myself so grateful for the fact that you chose to deliver some of that precious attention to this work in your hands.

Second (there won’t be a third, don’t worry), I want to let you know that this here, this collection of words that weave into a story pulled from the depths of my mind, is a piece of me. You hold the result of endless hours of work, periods of elation bordered by those of self-doubt, and more editing cycles that I can count. All I can ask, really, is that I hope the story takes you somewhere. I hope the characters pull you in much like they did me—they have a life of their own, you see. In essence, dear reader, I hope I’ve given you something worth reading.

Yours, as always, your dear writer.

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