Prompt 85: Imaginary friends

“Create an imaginary friend (human or not)”

I have a friend named Puzzles. I’m not quite sure if  Puzzles is a he or a she, but this friend showed up as if from nowhere one day and hasn’t left my side since.

Puzzles is magical, you see, and invisible to everyone except me. 

I’m not quite sure what words I could use for a description; this friend is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Puzzles is tall, almost twice my height, but can somehow fit through all the doorways, even the one into the tree house, which Dad has to stoop down to get through. Puzzles is all purple, and I thought that might make her (or him) a ‘her’, but Puzzles told me that just because something is purple or pink, doesn’t mean that it’s girly. So I’m still not sure.

The body is shaped more like a horse standing on its hind legs than a human. On the back there are two humps, like a camel, and apparently they store all the magic invisibility dust. It doesn’t work on me, though.

Puzzles’ face is also a bit weird. Instead of a people face like you and me, the face is of a dog, all fluffy and stuff, but it also has a long trunk like an elephant! This trunk is yellow and fluffy, though. It’s the only part that isn’t purple and Puzzles uses it to lift things; sometimes even me!

Puzzles is my best friend. Whenever I feel lonely, like when the other kids play in recess and don’t let me join, Puzzles sits with me and tells me funny stories. I can’t laugh at them, though, not out loud. I have to keep Puzzles a secret, otherwise his magic doesn’t work anymore and even I won’t be able to see him, then.

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