Prompt 87: Things I’ve kept

“What you’ve kept”

There’s a box in my living room. It’s in the shape of a large book—so it doesn’t really look like a box. It’s my treasure trove of memories. Inside this box, I’ve got all the letters, birthday missives, photos, and other pieces of paper that I’ve collected over the years from friends, family, and teachers alike. 

I’ve got letters I received from friends in 8th grade when I was moving schools, punny cards from my family, get well soon notes from more friends, postcards from all over, wedding invitations, and so many other things.

Every so often, when I submerge myself in a pool of nostalgia, I’ll sit with the box open on my lap and read through them all. It usually prompts me to reach out to someone who left a piece of themselves in my collection.

So, if the question is ‘what I’ve kept’, I’d have to say it’s memories.

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