Prompt 88: My favourite hiding spot

“Your favourite hiding spot”

When we were children, there were many instances during which we could hide. Sometimes it was even encouraged! Be it during a game or to run away from a punishment, there were quite a few times when I ended up behind a tree, under my bed, in a cupboard, or lying down amidst the tall grass.

As an adult, I’ve found that hiding has become much less acceptable. Grown-ups are meant to face things head on and deal with things or people they might not want to handle.

Sometimes, however, I find hiding necessary. There are days when taking a break from what is going on in life—hiding, so to speak—is the only way to stay sane. On these days, I’ve discovered, my favourite hiding spot is in the book I’m reading. Without concealing myself, I can step out of my world for a couple of minutes or hours and step into one where time travel is possible, or a place influenced by Tudor England, or, better still, a universe that defies the bounds of my own imagination.

Reading is my hiding spot as much as it is the nourishment of my craft. I don’t picture myself stopping any time soon. Do you?

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