Prompt 89: A man in red

“What a character wearing something red is thinking”

Lucius was anxious. For the first time in his life he was waiting for a date whom he had met on an online dating site.

It had taken him a while to transition from online interactions to a real date. Unfortunately, he was of a generation where when his name was read, people automatically added a ‘Malfoy’ to the end of it. That didn’t seem to encourage the ladies to want to meet him. And yet, he just couldn’t face transitioning into the more casual, the more common, ‘Luke’. He had tried the short-form on for size once, and he just couldn’t shake off the feeling that by not using his full name he was inviting people to be more more informal with him than he was comfortable with. He just could not have that.

He was fidgeting with the napkin the waiter had laid out on his lap and, for the umpteenth time, he did a mental check of what he was wearing. After trying on six or seven outfits that he had dismissed as being too formal, too casual, not approachable enough, or unflattering, he had chosen a pair of navy blue slacks with a red sweater over a cream coloured shirt. His mother always said that red made him look a bit more lively, and that was something he figured might be appealing to someone of the opposite sex.

“I guess I’m being a bit like a peacock,” he thought to himself, allowing himself to ponder on his favourite bird. Thinking of birds tended to calm him down as there were so many details one could talk about for each species. Not during a first date, though, he reminded himself. Unless she hints at liking birds too.

“Oh, I hope she likes birds,” he muttered.

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