Writing Prompt 93: My favourite spot

“Describe a room in your house”

One of my favourite spots in the apartment is the dining area. It’s right off the kitchen and technically part of the same ‘room’ as the living area, but it’s its own defined space, really. The dining table, with its four matching chairs, is a light coloured wood surface supported by white legs. One of its narrow sides is leaning against the window that looks out on the city and lets in the morning sunshine. Quite the perfect spot for morning coffee. The table is usually adorned by the clutter of daily life: food, notebooks, forgotten headphones, or one of our laptops playing music while food is being prepped. The only permanent fixture is a light blue fruit bowl often filled with the green and yellow from apples and bananas.

To the right of the table is the wall adjacent to the kitchen. On it are mounted four photographs in black-bordered frames, each of flowers either pink or purple against backgrounds of green. There are two structures posed against the wall. The first, a trolley of sorts, extends the kitchen by offering space to our slow-cooker, the sky-blue KitchenAid mixer, the toaster, and pot holders hung on ess-shaped hooks along the side. Right next to it is a wooden bench-like structure. Its bottom shelf hosts our recipe books, piled up by order of size. A mortar and pestle of dark grey stone to the right of the pile, three mason jar vases to the left, currently bereft of flowers. On the top of the structure are three plants, all different shapes, sizes, and hues of green. A flowerless orchid, a growing money tree, and a succulent that resembles the top of a pineapple.

Another money tree, twice the size of the first, has been placed diagonally from its relative, next to the opposing wall. Against this side sits the pride and joy of the apartment (at least in my eyes): the bookcase. On its shelves there are books, of course, but these are accompanied by dried flowers, knick knacks of all sorts, and pictures. It is a mixture of words, colours, and memories that helps make this part of our home so special. Less special, but still quite important, is the black metal and glass wine rack that is hidden in the corner next to the bookcase. It’s criss-crossing of black wires makes for diamond-shaped storage units for each bottle while on top of the structure live the non-vino bottles (there aren’t many of those) as well as my stack of The New Yorker magazines filled with stories and profiles I have yet to read.

And that’s it, in a nutshell. My dining, writing, reading, Netflix-watching, ironing, cooking, coffee-drinking, clothes-drying, puzzle-making area. You are welcome to visit whenever you feel like it!

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