Writing Prompt 96: What I’ve always wanted to say is…

“Finish the sentence that begins with ‘what I’ve always wanted to say is…'”

What I’ve always wanted to say is that I think I’ve been blessed by the universe when it comes to the people that are in my life. In family, friendship, and in love, I have somehow managed to land among people that are loving, supportive, fun, and so capable of receiving love themselves.

When it comes to my family, I’m lifted by a rich history, parents full of stories and wisdom and uncles and cousins that exude a special sense of joy. While our childhood might have been riddled with silly squabbles, as we’ve grown up my siblings and I seem to have developed a camaraderie based on inside jokes and shared experiences that I treasure.

In my friends, I feel that for each stage of my life I have managed to cultivate dear friends that are built to last a lifetime. We share history, stories, love of words, passion for good food and travel, and I would never be able to trade any of them in for the world.

How lucky am I?

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