Writing Prompt 105: I’ll Tell You Your Fortune

“Be your character’s fortune teller. Tell his or her fortune.”

Give me your hand, child.

No, not that one. I can sense that is not your dominant one.

Yes, yes, I know. I had a whole fifty percent chance to get that one right. But I did, didn’t I? You don’t need to look so resistant to the idea.

Let’s start with fortune, shall we? Hmm. I see. We don’t have much of that now, do we? Seems to be the plight of your generation. I could throw a ballpark number at you, but I’d rather not embarrass you.

All right, all right. No need to pull away. Let me glimpse into the future then.

You may not have much now, but you’re working hard to change that. All I can say is that that work will pay off, but maybe not quite in the way you expect.

Is that too vague? Or pretty much what you expected from a fortune teller at the circus? I figured you might appreciate a taste of the stereotype you seem so ready to place me in. Ha!

Now to love.

Ah, a painful subject. A rejection, or two? That’s what I thought. It wouldn’t kill you to get a haircut and wash that shirt before going out. You’ve got a smudge on the collar, there.

Love is not as far away as you would like to believe it is. I see that you will fall into it. Not metaphorically. I’m don’t rely on vague predictions to that degree. I mean literally. You are going to fall—trip over those untied laces or something—and then find love.

Once those things come true, then come and find me and tell me again how much you don’t believe in fortune tellers.

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