Prompt 23

“What could have happened to you in highschool that would have altered the course of your life”

I think about these types of questions often. Mostly to try and determine how different my life might actually be if something had led me in a different direction. But, also, to try and determine what might still be the same.

For instance, if I had gotten into a certain university in the UK for my undergraduate degree, what would be different?

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Prompt 10


“The long-lost roommate”

She hadn’t seen Lisa in over a decade; since graduation, really. Beth was having a hard time imagining what she might look like after all this time. Would the years have been kind to her? Or would they have taken a few choice moments to break her spirit a little, just as they had with Beth?

Beth was sitting in what Lisa had termed her ‘favourite spot for a good cappuccino and the best biscotti in town’ in their e-mail exchange the previous week. She looked around the place, trying to get a sense of her boarding school roommate from the coffee shop’s decor and music.

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