Prompt 79: Superhero bucket list

“Write a bucket list for your favourite superhero”

First things first. Who is my favourite superhero? I had to sit back and think on this for a second. We are so overexposed to the superhero world lately that I find it hard to pick.

For the sake of this prompt, though, let’s say that Storm, from the X-Men, is my favourite. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to control the weather? Perpetual sunshine? Yes, please! Continue reading “Prompt 79: Superhero bucket list”

Prompt 77: I’ve got two dollars in my pocket

“Two dollars isn’t a lot of money, unless…”

…you live in a backward universe where efficiency and simplicity are the concepts that define value and thus small and easily measured numbers carry more weight than long or fragmented ones. Two dollars makes you rich. But not as much as one dollar does.

Imagine that.

Prompt 18


“Describe an electronic device from the future that you won’t know how to operate”

Ten to twenty years from now, perhaps even sooner, there will be a device dedicated to picking out your clothes for you.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Using Artificial Intelligence, it will require input from you through an app, of course, as to the your outfit selections for a week or two before it starts providing recommendations. The device will also scan through your closets and drawers so as to have a complete database of your garments.

Continue reading “Prompt 18”