Prompt 69

“Write a musical review for the sounds of your life—your personal every day soundtrack.”

Ali’s Day is a soundtrack best reserved for those who live a quiet, mellow existence. If you are someone that needs to be fuelled by copious amounts of upbeat sound, you may want to steer clear.

The album starts off with the sounds of the street climbing in through the window, the pitter patter of a puppy expecting his breakfast, the sound of the shower in the background mixed with the inconsistent beat of coffee boiling. It’s a quietly chaotic melange of sound that kicks off the day.

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Prompt 58

“What can happen in a second”

In a second, her mind travelled through her version of time. She flew back to her first memory, the caress of her mother’s hand against her cheek. She experienced her first bike ride all over again; heard and felt every word of her first argument; she shivered at the feel of her first kiss. She flew into her future too, to glimpses of all it could be.

In a second, she saw her whole life, from beginning to end. And in a second—just a second—she was back.

Prompt 12


“Tell a complete stranger about a family tradition”

Now, I’m taking the leap of faith of assuming that there are complete strangers out there who do read these posts…I dedicate this prompt to you.

One of our family’s traditions is for our parents to bestow our family signet ring to each child as they ‘come of age’. The ring is usually gold, and is usually worn on the pinky finger. I say usually because when I got mine, I broke both those norms. I requested it be in white gold and wore it on my ring finger. This wasn’t just to be contrary, really, just because knowing my tastes, I knew that this would increase my chances of wearing it.

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