Bringing characters to life

Today, as part of the research I’m doing for this little writing project of mine, I read a lot about this one day in the Second World War: December 16, 1943.

Why that day,  you ask? Well, according to our family records, this was the day that Allan Reid Cameron, my great-great-uncle, died while on a training exercise. His plane was brought down because of heavy fog that impaired visibility and led the pilot to crash land near or in Lincolnshire, England. All crew members on the plane perished.  Continue reading “Bringing characters to life”

Prompt 47

“Five ideas for a novel you’ll never write”

Note: Now that I’ve written these down, I make no promises that I won’t write some of these stories in the future. What may sound random or ridiculous now, could be very appealing in the future.

  1. The story of a button factory. Of the button-making family that built it, and how they manage when the button factory burns to the ground.
  2. The life of a puppy and all his adventures. From his perspective, of course. Interrupted by the constant distractions in a puppy’s life (e.g. Ball! Food! Squirrel!)
  3. The story of a concert pianist travelling from concert hall to concert hall.
  4. The Greek mythological characters come back to ‘life’ in a modern setting.
  5. The story of a guitar that gets passed on from person to person, and what it means to each person / the role that it plays for each of them.