Prompt 10


“The long-lost roommate”

She hadn’t seen Lisa in over a decade; since graduation, really. Beth was having a hard time imagining what she might look like after all this time. Would the years have been kind to her? Or would they have taken a few choice moments to break her spirit a little, just as they had with Beth?

Beth was sitting in what Lisa had termed her ‘favourite spot for a good cappuccino and the best biscotti in town’ in their e-mail exchange the previous week. She looked around the place, trying to get a sense of her boarding school roommate from the coffee shop’s decor and music.

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Prompt 9


“Describe your best friend”

My best friend is honest. She’s a person that doesn’t hesitate to tell me what she thinks about what I’m up to. She’s also honest about who she is, and I’ve been lucky enough to have been entrusted with different pieces and views of her.

She is my literary companion. Not only that; she is also my literary muse. I aspire to be able to read as much as she does. And there are multiple occasions where I have read a book or a poem just to be able to talk to her about it. Ishiguro, Murakami, Neruda, Dumas, are all authors that I have gotten to know a little bit better due to her encouragement. I still have to catch up. I’m way behind on Cortazar, for instance, but I know she’ll never have an issue offering a new literary world for me to discover.

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Prompt 8


“Describe a person you’ve never met.”

I found her in a dream.

She was petite, childlike in her demeanour. She looked lost, as if she weren’t entirely of where she was, or why she was there. Her eyes seem faded, seemingly unlit by some tragedy, by loss. What could it have been? Her youth was too fresh to have been tarnished that soon.

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Prompt 7


“An hour to go…”

Sixty minutes left. One more hour until I get to feel the tips of his finger trail across my arm.

3,600 seconds, give or take, until I see the corner of his mouth involuntarily grin because he’s happy to see me.

One twenty-fourth of a day until I can run my hands through his hair…silently letting him know how much I missed him while he was gone.

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Prompt 6

“Write about two characters who have known each other for a long time, and give one of them a secret” 

She was quiet. I could tell she had something on her mind. You don’t grow up with someone, share the same toys and books, climb up trees together, without being able to realize when the other person is chewing through something. But it was more than that. She was very protectively and cautiously keeping whatever it was to herself. It was almost as if she had folded whatever it was very delicately and gently placed it away, with an odd sense of revery. Any conversation that seemed to be leaning towards her and how she was feeling she would tactically maneuver in another direction. She would close herself up, slowly occupying less and less space, almost as if she were trying to be invisible; unseen.

What could it be? Why wouldn’t she talk to me about it? I always told her everything – let her into my life as sisters should. Why didn’t she feel like she could do the same with me?

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Prompt 2

“Your favourite book”

My favourite book of all time has always been Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I read it when I was 13 or so, and while there may have been books that I enjoyed more when I read them, Little Women has stuck with me ever since.

I think part of it is tied to when I read it. At an age where I was starting to define who I would be, the quest that all teenager embarks upon, I found that I could see part of me reflected in each of the very different sisters.

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Prompt 1

“Three objects in your childhood bedroom”

I shared my childhood bedroom with my sister. We were so close in age, we were practically twins, and most of what we had in our room was shared in some way or another.

The one thing I remember the most clearly out of our room was the Milky Way. Mom had painted the stars on our ceiling, with a river of golden pentagrams coursing diagonally across it. If ever I lay awake in thought, I could count the stars to help me fall asleep, never in the same order, always to the same end.

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