Prompt 86: Screw you (not you)

“Screw you”

There’s a voice in my head that emerges every one to two years. It’s a mean voice, but it’s seductive. It’s a voice that sets out to taint the image I have of myself. It seeks to bring up insecurities, what ifs, and not-so-fond memories attached to a part of me that I did not choose.

We all have a variation of that voice, no? You know the one. It hangs about at the back of your mind, almost invisible. Then, when it senses a vulnerable opportunity, it strikes.

It’s hard not to give in to it. It’s hard to fight back.

I’ve got something to say to that voice.

Screw you.

When you talk about me, whisper things about me in my ear, you don’t see ME. I am so much more.

Screw you.

You don’t define me.

Screw you.

I can live, thrive, love without you.

Screw you.

I can still see and make beautiful things without you. I will always dance, without you.

Screw you. And go back to that dark hole you came from.