Prompt 21

Mary and Duncan were the eldest of their generation and, while they were cousins, they spent quite a bit of time together at the big family house on the farm, Maori, when they were children. This was particularly the case during the holidays, when Duncan was back from boarding school in Buenos Aires.

Mary was the only daughter of a widowed mother, Amy, and as such was quite indulged by dedicated motherly affection. However, she seemed to bear this well enough to still be well behaved and diligent in doing her lessons and practicing on the piano in anticipation of the weekly visits from her teacher. Continue reading “Prompt 21”

Prompt 14


“Pick a small object to be given one day to your great-grandchild. Write a letter to that child explaining why you have chosen this object”

To my eldest great-granddaughter,

To you, dear girl, I want to give the little clock on my mantlepiece that you have always admired. I’ve never told you the story behind it, so here it is.

When I was 16 years old, I was visiting my great-grandmother, Gaga, at her home in Hurlingham. Hers was a house full of family memories and while it may have been sold long ago, it is a place I remember fondly.

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Prompt 7


“An hour to go…”

Sixty minutes left. One more hour until I get to feel the tips of his finger trail across my arm.

3,600 seconds, give or take, until I see the corner of his mouth involuntarily grin because he’s happy to see me.

One twenty-fourth of a day until I can run my hands through his hair…silently letting him know how much I missed him while he was gone.

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Prompt 1

“Three objects in your childhood bedroom”

I shared my childhood bedroom with my sister. We were so close in age, we were practically twins, and most of what we had in our room was shared in some way or another.

The one thing I remember the most clearly out of our room was the Milky Way. Mom had painted the stars on our ceiling, with a river of golden pentagrams coursing diagonally across it. If ever I lay awake in thought, I could count the stars to help me fall asleep, never in the same order, always to the same end.

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